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The Effects Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is well known for being addictive, but there are also many harmful effects that can come with abusing it, too. Cocaine abuse can affect people mentally and physically, and it can even kill users!

Around half a million people across the globe are taken to Emergency Rooms for health issues that were caused by cocaine abuse yearly – and that doesn’t include the amount of people that have died, either. This article has the effects of cocaine; from the high effects to the life-threatening ones.

The high effects of cocaine

When people abuse cocaine, they feel euphoria (which is an intense feeling of pleasure), confidence and social adeptness. These positive effects are what make many people experiment with cocaine and that’s how an addiction is formed.

However, with long term abuse, people begin to feel the opposite during a high. Instead of feeling euphoria and confidence, they feel incredibly sad and insecure. However, by this time, they will already be addicted and it’ll be too late for them to be able stop taking it easily.

The health risks that can come with cocaine abuse

There are a number of issues that can come with cocaine abuse – and none of them are good in any way. Abuse can cause permanent damage to the blood vessels in the heart and brain, high blood pressure (which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and death), damages to the liver, kidneys and lungs.

These are not the only issues, but some of the more common and dangerous ones.

The psychological issues that come with cocaine abuse

There are also many different mental health issues that can be caused by taking cocaine, too. Depression, extreme panic attacks, psychosis (or delirium) and more! Not only that, but cocaine can also worsen any existing mental health issues, too.

Can a cocaine addict recover from their dependency?

Find a rehab center

Cocaine may have many serious effects, and it’s also highly addictive, but that doesn’t mean that those who are suffering with an addiction to the narcotic can’t recover.

Rehab centres have experts on health and addiction – and they can help their patients to overcome their dependency on this substance both physically and mentally.

With the right professional help and care, addicts have the best chance of overcoming their need for the substance. Not everyone recovers with treatment, but the experience can sometimes be enough to help them to recover on their own.

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