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Why Are Online Medications Addictive and Can You Detox?

One of the reasons why people take cocaine is because when they expose themselves to it, they feel an incredible amount of happiness, which makes them think that the drug is actually better for them, when it’s actually causing many more problems than not. The effects are psychological and physical, and the more it is taken, the deadlier it becomes to the abuser’s body which is why it is so important to detox.

How addictive is it?

As the lust for cocaine gets stronger, it takes control over the abuser. It changes their behaviour, how they feel and even their way of thinking. In some people, the narcotic substance can edit their brain’s pleasure circuit, which will increase their need for it.

Once a person’s body has been introduced to the lethal drug, they will do anything to get it. They can sometimes even change their life for the worst just to get a small amount.

Taking cocaine can actually cause permanent damage to the user’s brain. Those who are addicted to this drug lose grey matter (which is a highly important part of the brain’s nerve system), and the stronger the addiction, the more grey matter the person taking cocaine can lose.


There is another reason why it’s so addictive, too. When cocaine is taken often, the person who is taking it will start to rely on having it. This is because, after a while, his or her brain starts build up a dependency on it. And eventually, the abuser’s body will get used to regular doses of it, and the body will need it to function correctly.

What does it feel like?

One of the reasons why so many people are addicted to cocaine is because of the effects it has on them whilst they are high. It makes them feel more alert, more energetic and a lot happier, too. And, although this might sound pleasant, there is a down side. Once it wears off, the abuser feels depressed and slow, often craving their next fix.

This makes that person want to take more, because he or she wants to feel the boost again. However, cocaine can increase the risk of strokes, seizures, heart attacks and it can even cause their heart to fail and so exposing oneself to it is never advisable. Any dependency may need to be treated within a drug rehab centre and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.